For years, I had a love/hate relationship with my early morning self care/socialization routine.  You see, at o’dark thirty, several of us dedicated runners would rise to get our exercise in before the start of our work day. Truthfully, I ran because I loved the socialization more than anything.   Talking, laughing, gagging & gasping through miles and miles of snow covered streets or blazing hot back roads.  The time and miles flew by. Not only did we accomplish our exercise goals, but we enjoyed coveted “girl time,” uninterrupted socialization while doing something good for our bodies.   So where does the hate come into play?   You see, at o’dark thirty …. its dark, it’s early, sometimes cold, unpredictable weather, trying to talk while gasping for air, finishing our workout only to rush off to work or back home to get the little’s off to school.   Some mornings it wasn’t relaxing or rewarding, it was stressful!
Infuse Wellness has created a space where individuals or small groups can enjoy self-care, relaxation & socialization.  Instead of sipping pricey cocktails, you can infuse your body with IV vitamins (feel free to bring your own drink cooler), chill out with some O2 therapy – complete with personal diffusers to enhance your mood, decrease anxiety or improve sinus congestion, indulge in some aroma touch or hot stone massage.   Infuse Wellness is committed to safe & effective  wellness options.  Call us today to organize your next night out.