Welcome to Infuse Wellness, the only IV hydration lounge in Southwest Michigan.

Founded on the principle that it is far better to prevent illness &
build health than treat disease after it has already manifested

Sit Back, Relax & Be Well

We will make the IV experience comfortable and easy from start to finish. After learning about your lifestyle and wellness goals, we will assist you in choosing the best infusion, with premium ingredients, for your needs. You will be ready to work harder, focus more, and stay healthy without missing a beat.

Average first visits are 60-90 minutes. Subsequent visits range 45-60 minutes.

How Can You Benefit From IV Hydration therapy?

IV nutrient infusions are designed for optimal health and wellness support, delivering vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream, offering superior absorption over oral supplements. Customized solutions address a variety of issues, including; immune system

support, anti-aging, optimal athletic performance & recovery, metabolism, hangover and headache relief, cold and flu symptoms, chronic fatigue, brain fog, muscle fatigue and more

My husband and I visited Infuse Wellness with aches and pains for me, and the tail end of a flu for him. Kristin treated us each to a Meyers Cocktail with added decadron, toradol, and some extra vitamin C. The environment was very cozy and relaxing, and I’m happy to report we are both feeling great! Thanks Kristin! Can’t wait til our next visit.”


Went there Monday evening four days into worse and worse flu symptoms, close to a bronchitis. Had the vitamin infusion with vitamin C and a couple other things to quell my symptoms. Diffuser and nasal cannula with essential oils for respiratory issues. Warm rice neck wrap. Felt 99% better next day. By the way, I’m a nurse anesthetist and still preferred to do a more homeopathic way first.


IV Hydration facts

a straight shot of nutrients

IV Therapy delivers vitamins, minerals and hydration directly to the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system so you get their full, nourishing effect.

Replenish What Your Body is Missing

Your body needs hydration and a healthy balance of essential vitamins to function optimally. Today’s agricultural practices leave our food with declining nutritional value, coupled with highly processed and ill prepared foods…. Our IV Vitamins and hydration will help you bridge that gap.

It’s Quick and Calming

The typical IV treatment lasts just 30-45 minutes and will leave you feeling amazing – and all you have to do is kick back in one of our comfy recliner chairs and relax!

There is a Drip For Everything

From Boosting your immune system, detoxing after a big night to prepping for an athletic event, there’s an IV cocktail for almost anything your body needs.

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